How to Burn Bootloader into Atmega328 using Arduino as ISP

Atmega328P-PU can be used to replace the burnt Atmega328 on Arduino UNO or build one simple standalone Arduino.
If you decided to buy some pieces and created your own Arduino, the most important part was buying the micro controller.
Some of the micro controller on the market come without a bootloarer, and you need to burn one on the micro controller in order to allows you to upload your code without using any additional hardware.

Burning the boot loader in an Atmega328 could be somewhat tricky, but if u follow these steps correctly you’ll be able to burn the bootload on any type of Atmega328 micro controller.

Preparing the hardware

Just use the diagram to connect every component.

preparing the hardware

– Arduino board (pin10) to Atmega328 (pin1)
– Arduino board (pin11) to Atmega328 (pin17)
– Arduino board (pin12) to Atmega328 (pin18)
– Arduino board (pin13) to Atmega328 (pin19)
– (pin7) and (pin20) of Atmega328 to +5v of Arduino board
– (pin8) and (pin22) of Atmega328 to gnd of Arduino board
– 10 Kohm resistor from(pin1) of Atmega328 to +5V
– 16 MHZ oscilator from (pin9) to (pin10) of Atmega328
– 22pf caps : first one from (pin9) to gnd ,second one from (pin10) to gnd

Make sure that you don’t have anything else connected to the Atmega328 pins used above.

Preparing the software

We need to program the Arduino UNO to act as a an ISP (In-System Programmer), so that it can burn the bootloader onto the Breadboard chip.

Open the Arduino IDE
Open the ArduinoISP sketch (under File, Examples)
Unplug the +5v and gnd jumper wires before you upload the Arduino ISP code.
Connect your Arduino UNO to the PC.
Ensure your Arduino UNO is selected under the Boards menu option, and upload the sketch.

Burning the Bootloader

With everything connected open de Arduino IDE

burning the bootloader

– Select Arduino328 from Tools > Board
– Select your serial port.
– Select Arduino as ISP from Tools > Programmer
– Select Burn Bootloader

You can now use your cheap ATMega328 as a normal Arduino.

Build your own bootloader shield

Instead of using breadboard, you can use a prototype pcb and a zif socket to create a bootloader shield.

build your own ATMega328 bootloader shield

Components and supplies

USB cable to connect PC-Arduinox1
Arduino UNOx1
Crystal 16Mhzx1
Ceramic Capacitors 22pFx2

Optional components

Prototype PCBx1
Pin Header Connector Stripx1

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